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All your work on one secure platform.

The future is paperless!

Are you looking for an efficient, organized, and secure way to manage documents and projects? If so, you should definitely check out CoreData

Did you know...


Most specialists spend 5-15% of their time reading information, but 50% of their time in finding the right information.


Approximately 50% of employees' time is spent preparing and drawing up documents.



The average time it takes to sign contracts is about a week, according to 45% of business representatives.


92% of the time, people collaborate on documents via email.

CoreData is a digital unified collaboration platform that cost-effectively combines document and project management 


  • that data is not lost or sent to the wrong person
  • secure and paperless transactions
  • that documents and contracts that are correct and final are preserved safely
  • that good document management leads to more productivity 
  • that the right data is accessible for the right persons 
  • project time management
  • digital progress - better and more efficient operation 
  • that everything is done according with standards and regulations 
  • electronic archiving and safe delivery to national archives  
  • that sensitive information and documents are not lying around 





Safety is of the utmost importance

By using CoreData you can work on a digital platform that is  more secure from improper acess, data leakage and cyber threats. 

  • Secure Access (HTTPS, SSL)
  • Automatic backups 
  • Data recovery 
  • Contingency plans
  • Electronic authentication and login 
  • Active directory, SSO integration and multi-factor authentication (MFA) 







  • Is a simple and user-friendly solution for document and project management 
  • An electronic document storage solution for the digital age 
  • Reduces paper consumption 
  • Replaces common drives and challenges associated with them 
  • Ensures document safety and protects sensitive documents 
  • Provides secure and shared communication and storage areas that can be shared with external partners 
  • Improves the organization of documents and reduces wasted time and money that is otherwise spent in searching for data and documents
  • Ensures compliance with the Privacy Act 
  • Keeps track of project and document changes 
  • Saves all customer correspondence, information and document changes 
  • Keeps track of teams and committee meetings 
  • Easily saves all emails directly into the project to which they belong 



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