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Law firms

Using CoreData, law firms and legal teams can efficiently and securely access and store documents, forms, information, contracts, and other confidential information.

Using a comprehensive search engine, you can find information quickly. You can organize the data in any way you like, whether it be by case, customer, or contact. Rather than spending time on paperwork, the legal team can work on their cases.

Quick access to cases

  • Documents can be organized by litigant, case, or other metadata.
  • Keep track of email communications between individual employees and other parties involved in a project or case.
  • Utilize electronic document search to reduce paper usage.
  • Make sure the right parties have access to the right data by specifying access controls.
  • Access to the right documents is simplified by electronic credentials for external parties, e.g. board members and external auditors.
  • Organize your data room for purposes such as due diligence and sales.
  • Revise documents and make notes, including private notes.
  • CoreData integrates easily with other solutions.
  • Contract creation and preservation are simplified with electronic signatures.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.

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