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Institutes of education

In schools, universities, and other educational institutions, there is a lot of paperwork involved with documents, processes, and applications.

As a result of CoreData's electronic workflow, it is possible for the education sector to preserve electronic documents, thereby reducing paper storage costs and enhancing application and registration processes.

Make the future environmentally friendly

  • Organize all files in a central location, regardless of their format.
  • Securely store student records and sensitive information.
  • Provide easy and secure access to diplomas, certificates, and applications.
  • Make the switch to a paperless office.
  • Partners, such as external users, are identified with electronic credentials and can access the right data and documents.
  • Ensure that documents are maintained in accordance with regulations.
  • Through the board room portal, school boards can easily access data.
  • With CoreData, it is possible to ensure electronic document storage and safe delivery to national archives.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.

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