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The state sector and its institutions

Companies and credit institutions which are under direct control of the state and are under the responsibility of the state treasury, as well as partnerships and joint-stock companies owned primarily by the state, must adhere to certain rules and regulations regarding safety and reliability.

State institutions should be well organized and facilitate the digital development of the state in order to serve ordinary citizens and each other efficiently. That's why CoreData is ideal for government agencies and state-owned companies.

Provide better service to everyone

  • Data can be saved in CoreData under cases, departments or committees, and access can be directed accordingly.
  • External parties and committees have access control through electronic login.
  • In cases where special retention and access controls are required, a data room and board room portal may be accessed.
  • Organizations and companies can rely on CoreData to comply with privacy and public administration regulations.
  • Integrates easily with other solutions to store all final evidence.
  • Meeting minutes and other documents are accessible in one place for committees and departments.
  • With a digital office, all office, transport, and printing costs can be reduced.
  • CoreData stores sensitive data securely and therefore the data is not laying around for everyone to see.
  • CoreData ensures electronic archiving and safe delivery to the national archives.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.
All of our documents and cases are stored in CoreData and it is essential for us to be able to sign and approve documents electronically within the system. Access, sharing, and changing documents anywhere and at any time are extremely important to us .

Elfa Ýr Gylfadóttir, CEO of Fjölmiðlanefnd

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