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Service and retail

Among the world’s largest industries is trade and services, which is accompanied by a lot of data and documents, such as contracts, invoices, offers, bookings, and communication with suppliers and customers.

For both large and small companies in the retail and service industries, CoreData can ensure that employees do not waste their time searching for papers, documents and other information in multiple systems, but rather that the correct information and data is stored under the appropriate tasks. As a result, employees are able to utilize their time more efficiently for each customer or supplier.

Using CoreData, you can ensure that all contacts and employees have access to data and information. The communication process will be simplified and safer. By providing access to all the data that the person needs, you can ensure a smooth and safe operation of the business.

With CoreData, you can improve your business and service

  • By using a digital office, it's easier to keep the right data in the right place for each project.
  • Through electronic authentication, external parties such as partners and boards can access all information about the business stored in specially designed projects.
  • The board has an overview of the state of affairs through the board's data room.
  • You can take steps towards a paperless and environmentally friendly future by reducing the flood of paper in the office.
  • With CoreData, office and printing costs can be greatly reduced.
  • By signing contracts electronically, you can speed up the signing process and store them in the right place.
  • Employees can easily find and search for data and information.
  • From order to return, store all electronic documents in one place.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.

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