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Art museums and other collections

CoreData's digital office simplifies daily tasks for art galleries, artists, museums, auction houses, art collectors, and other museums. As well as simplifying search, data storage, and providing access to artworks, contacts, transactions, it can also assist in organizing exhibitions and events.

It is possible for museums, galleries, and other companies to manage assets and artworks by using CoreData. Keeping track of basic information about artworks, such as authors, locations, quantities, and years, becomes easier.

Billing documents and invoices can also be stored in the solution. Additionally, CoreData makes it easy to manage communications and contracts with all parties.

Manage artworks and their associated data more easily

  • A central and secure location for managing artwork information and previews.
  • Ensure that all artwork purchases, loans, and sales are properly documented.
  • Make sure you have digital artwork files and all your contact information in one place.
  • Make your artwork storage more efficient by organizing it in one place.
  • External users who should have access to the associated projects can identify themselves with an electronic login and thus have access to the specified artwork.
  • Help organize exhibitions and facilitate access to artworks.
  • Photographs of artworks can be taken and stored with their corresponding artworks to simplify the registration process. Additionally, information on sizes, colors, artists and other important elements can be stored this way.
  • The museum or company should have all the information about its artworks in one place to ensure its preservation.
  • Be sure that borrowed artworks are listed with the correct contact information and returned to the correct location.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.

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