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Municipalities and their companies

Municipalities have a wide variety of administrative duties and often deal with education and upbringing, youth affairs and sports, and social services. Often, sensitive cases that require safekeeping are dealt with within a certain timeframe.

A municipal board, representative or committee needs, for instance, to have the minutes and bylaws of the municipality signed, which then needs to be confirmed by the ministries.

Organize and store documents and data easily and safely

  • Using CoreData, local authorities can save data under projects or issues and control who has access to the data.
  • Electronic authentication can be used to control access to external parties.
  • There are data rooms and board rooms portals available where special retention and access controls are needed.
  • By using CoreData, you can comply with privacy regulations and standards.
  • Municipalities and public administration need to comply with standards and regulations, and CoreData can help with that.
  • Meeting minutes and other documents are available in one place for committees and departments.
  • A digital office can reduce office, transportation, and printing costs.
  • CoreData stores sensitive data securely.
  • All final proof documents can be preserved in one place by integrating CoreData with other solutions.
  • CoreData ensures electronic archiving and safe delivery to the national archives.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.
We have been able to better track cases within the organization and their status using CoreData, and to collaborate on various projects more efficiently.

Sigrún Árnadóttir, CEO of Félagsbústaðir

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