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Non-profit organizations

The majority of funds for non-profit organizations come from companies and individuals. Having the ability to track, store, and find information quickly without having to search through long email threads is critical to their success.

To name a few, non-profit organizations include charitable organizations, sports clubs, professional associations, trade unions, employers' associations, philanthropic associations, and cultural associations.

With CoreData digital office, volunteers, board members, and staff have access to accurate and transparent information.

Make sure all information is preserved and maintained in order to maintain trust with your supporters

Ensuring transparency and accurate information for staff and volunteers with a digital office is as important as ensuring their correct access to information:

  • Control how, when, and where information is shared.
  • Ensure that reports are prepared accurately without wasting too much time searching for information.
  • Ensure auditors and inspectors have full access to relevant information in a secure manner.
  • By identifying themselves electronically, dashboard users can access their data from anywhere and at any time.
  • Get closer to a paperless future with a digital office and reduce office, transport, and printing costs.
  • Get a clear overview and streamline operations.
  • Organize supporter and sponsor data in one place.
  • Manage electronic signatures with suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, employees, and contractors securely.
  • Preserve board and committee records, meeting minutes and data.
  • CoreData securely stores sensitive client information.
  • CoreData is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company.
All of our documents are stored in Coredata. Having everything accessible and easy to use is one of the biggest advantages of the system. A user-friendly interface and added value for the customer. Document and project access control is excellent, but the system also offers a very accessible management portal. It is without hesitation that I recommend CoreData and give them my highest recommendation.

Rakel Lind Hauksdóttir, finance and fundraising director of SOS

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